Question: How Much Do Google Certified Trainers Make?

How do you become a Google certified trainer?

So You Want to Become a Google Certified Trainer.

Here’s How.Step 1: Certified Trainer Course.

You’ll first have to work through Google’s Certified Trainer Course.

Step 2: Trainer Skills Assessment.

Step 3: Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Exams.

Step 4: Make a Trainer Video.

Step 5: Apply..

How long does it take to become a Google certified educator?

Online training for GCE Level 1 takes approximately 12 hours to complete, while Level 2 training requires about 10 hours. As of July 2016, upon completing the online trainings, a three-hour online assessment is provided (with a $10 exam fee for Level 1 and a $25 fee for Level 2).

How many Google certified trainers are there?

In late 2016 Google revealed that there were 21,000 level 1 certified educators, 5,000 level 2 certified educators, and approximately 1,500 certified trainers. In 2018 the total number of level 1 and 2 certifications was reported at 33,500 from 81 countries.

Is the Google certification test hard?

Most will tell you that the exams are not hard, but intricate, long, detailed and somewhat exhausting and stressful. I have compiled the best tips from educators that have passed the GCE exams and added tips from my own experience in the program.

Are Google certifications free?

It’s an amazing education, and everyone in digital marketing should have this certification. Best of all, Google AdWords is a free certification. … If studying study guides isn’t your jam, check out Google’s Academy for Ads, it’s easy and completing the course sets you up for success on the exams.

Are Google certifications worth it?

Depends on where you’re at in your IT career. … If you think it’s worth your time and will help you out in your career, go for it. If you’ve decided your just doing it to help employers verify your knowledge, you really need to research how reputable this certification is.