Question: What Rank Is Wardell?

Is Wardell the best Valorant player?

Wardell is one of the best Operators in the region, with his Sage and Brimstone plays making him a force to be reckoned with in every Ignition Series tournament.

Though he might not have an average KDA and ACS as high as Drone or Brax, his game-sense and shot-calling more than make up for it..

Is Diamond a good rank in Valorant?

Now fully launched, Riot Games’ tactical shooter, is one of the best free games on the market with a highly Competitive Ranked mode….The Rank distribution and Percentage of players by tier in Valorant;RankDiamond13.21%21.87%31.02%7 more columns•3 days ago

How old is TSM drone?

Taylor “drone” Johnson (born August 29, 1997) is an American player who currently plays for TSM.

What race is Wardell?

Matthew “WARDELL” Yu is a VALORANT esports player, currently a player for Team SoloMid….Overview.WARDELLCountry of BirthCanadaNationalityCanadaBirthdayJuly 5, 1998 (age 22)ResidencyNA North America8 more rows

Are there ranks in Valorant?

There are eight ranks in Valorant and, aside from the highest rank, each one consists of three tiers – numbered one, two and three. Going from the lowest to the highest, the ranks in Valorant are: Iron. Bronze.

Who is the highest ranked Valorant player?

The top ranked Valorant players are all playing as JettAsunaCS – 100 Thieves.BcJ – unsigned, but formerly of T1.supamen – Dignitas.HUYNH – Gen. G Esports.THWIFO – Xset.Eeiu – NRG esports.Skadoodle – T1.Wardell – TSM.More items…•

Who is the best character in Valorant?

The best Valorant agents are:Sova.Killjoy.Phoenix.Raze.Brimstone.Sage.Reyna.Viper.More items…•

Does Cypher cage reveal?

The tripwire remains invisible until an enemy becomes very close to it. At that point, it’ll reveal itself through sight and sound. Cypher is able to recall his tripwires as long as he has line of sight of them and can place them again during a round.

Is Sova good Valorant?

Sova is an Initiator character so he’s great at setting up fights. His abilities allow him to get his team a little bit of extra information so they know exactly what they’re up against. His signature ability is Recon Bolt, which allows him to find enemy positions, making Sova strong on both Attack and Defense.

What is a good rank Valorant?

Valorant Rank Distribution And Player Percentage For Every RankRankPercentileImmortal 198.54%Immortal 299.21%Immortal 399.83%Radiant100%6 more rows•Sep 26, 2020

How good is Wardell?

Wardell is probably the best Operator user in the world, and he has proven that he does not need Jett to succeed, even if she is his favorite agent. Mixwell is probably the best captain in the world, and has the most well-rounded game to back it up.

How old is Wardell CSGO?

22 years oldWardell is 22 years old.