Quick Answer: How Do I Keep Track Of My Blog Posts?

How do bloggers find content?

How do Bloggers Find Content for Their Blog?Create the Content Yourself.

We know – it’s a no-brainer, right.

Guest Posting.

Interview Your Customers.

Create FAQ Blog Posts.

Buying Articles.

If You Don’t Like Writing, Talk.

Case Studies.

Write about Other People’s Content..

How do I get my blog posts seen?

Getting More Views and TrafficHelp Search Engines Find your Site. … Blog Regularly. … Use Keywords on your Site. … Use Appropriate Tags. … Connect to the Community & Spread the Word. … Read and Comment on Other Blogs. … Share on Social Media. … Bug your Real-life Friends.More items…

How do I check my blog traffic?

20 Methods To See How Much Traffic a Blog GetsAlexa. Alexa is the premier web analytics tool for websites. … SEMRush. If Alexa is the top site to visit for website traffic, SEMRush is a very close second. … Moz Open Site Explorer. … MozBar. … SimilarWeb. … Search Metrics. … TrafficEstimate. … SpyFu.More items…•

Where do you store tools?

Store short-handled tools in a plastic bin or box. Tie together long-handled tools in a garbage can while in storage. Otherwise hang these tools on a wall. If you are storing tools in self storage, place small tools in plastic bins.

How do I keep track of my blog?

5 Steps to Organizing the Blogs You FollowDon’t Be a Hero. There are tools that make tracking your selected blogs and news sites easy. … Use an RSS Feed Reader (a.k.a. “news reader”)Add Feeds to Your Reader. First, look for the RSS symbol on any blog or news feed. … Subscribe by Email (if you dare) … Exercise Discipline (Dammit!)