Quick Answer: What Does Comprehensible Mean?

How do you use comprehensible in a sentence?

Comprehensible sentence examples.

Persia has assumed a comprehensible position as a factor in future Eastern politics.

Her words were barely comprehensible through chattering teeth as she leaned over the stove.

In everything near and comprehensible he had only what was limited, petty, commonplace, and senseless..

What does comprehendible mean?

adj capable of being comprehended or understood Synonyms: comprehensible clear. readily apparent to the mind. accessible, approachable.

What is the difference between comprehensive and comprehensible?

Comprehensible means “capable of being understood”; comprehensive means “covering a broad range, or inclusive.” If the report is comprehensible to the laypeople, it’s a great report.

What is comprehensible input?

Comprehensible input is language input that can be understood by listeners despite them not understanding all the words and structures in it. … According to Krashen’s theory of language acquisition, giving learners this kind of input helps them acquire language naturally, rather than learn it consciously.

How do you use comprehensible input?

10 Comprehensible Input ActivitiesUse different sources of input. Make sure that your students master the language at all levels – speaking, listening, reading and writing. … Tell stories. … Visualize. … Sing songs. … Play games. … Specialized reading. … Watch news or movies. … Correction of mistakes.More items…•

Why is comprehensible input so important?

As their usage of the new language increases, so does their level of comprehension. Comprehensible input allows foreign language teachers to create an atmosphere where the students can figure things out by themselves using the context and background provided.

Does input have to be comprehensible?

Comprehensible input means that students should be able to understand the essence of what is being said or presented to them. This does not mean, however, that teachers must use only words students understand. In fact, instruction can be incomprehensible even when students know all of the words.

What does comprehensible mean in English?

capable of being comprehended or understood; intelligible.

What does the word intelligible mean?

adjective. capable of being understood; comprehensible; clear: an intelligible response.

Is it comprehendible or comprehensible?

As adjectives the difference between comprehendible and comprehensible. is that comprehendible is that can be comprehended; understandable while comprehensible is able to be comprehended.

What is a word for easy to understand?

We use our intelligence to understand things, and something intelligible is easy to understand. Therefore, unintelligible things are hard to understand.

What does verbose mean?

adjective. characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy: a verbose report.

What’s another word for comprehensive?

Comprehensive Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for comprehensive?completeexhaustivethoroughall-inclusiveextensiveall-embracingbroadencyclopaedicUKencyclopedicUSsweeping232 more rows